Triplet FAQ – Science!

I found a link that offers a simple explanation of different types of a multiples pregnancy.

Types of twins and triplets

Ours are called trichorionic/triamniotic triplets which are the safest to have as they all have their own nutrition source etc and we are not dealing with twin-twin/triplet transfusion syndrome.

The concerns which we may run into is something called IUGR (Intrauterine growth restriction); basically running out of room when we hit 30-ish weeks that causes slower growth than a single pregnancy (also known in the medical community as a singleton), gestational pre-eclampsia, shortness of breath, increased fatigue and such.  Most everything to do with a multiples pregnancy just happens because one is carrying more than 1 baby and is remedied after delivery.

What we have found very interesting about our tri-tri triplets is that even though they look fraternal, our girls have a 10-15% chance of being identical!  Something only proven by a Dna blood test after birth.

Hope this answered some questions, curiosities! 😀


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